A kiddie car without wheels is no fun. Getting a set of suitable wheels turned out to be a challenge. The wheels needed should have a diameter of approximately 40cm, and 8"x2-2,5" rims. As the car is relatively heavy, they need proper ball or needle bearings. Bushings would wear too fast.

The company/person selling patterns for the Toylander - Real Life Toys - is also supplying all sorts of parts, including wheels. The parts are reasonably priced, and I strongly considered buying from him. However, shipping was an issue. Royal Mail wanted a lot to roll a set of wheels over the North Sea. In fact, it would have taken the entire kiddie car budget. I had to find an alternative.

At work we have a yellow trolley. It's wheels are perfect! No, I did not steal the wheels from the trolley - that would have been just a tad too obvious. However, the trolley had Trallnor written on it. With a little help from Google, I found that they were located just a few fields from work. One day - during lunch - I visited them. After a tour of the factory, we reached the wheel storage room. They had a huge variety of wheels, but none had offroad patterns. I ended up buying a set of heavy duty wheel barrow wheels. They had ball bearings and solid steel rims. Hopefully, Ill get a set of offroad tires at a later stage.